Secure items at the perfect temperature

Keep deliveries cold, cool, warm, or hot with adjustable, programmable temperature controls and HeatWave™ and ArcticLock™ technology.

Get the convenience of smart lockers with built-in heating and cooling systems

Do your residents get their groceries delivered? 

Are you a restaurant owner looking for secure, heated storage for pickup and to-go deliveries? 

Or do you run a local pharmacy and want to expand your curbside pickup capabilities? 

Whether people choose home delivery or click-and-collect, temperature-sensitive items always need a secure place to chill until pickup time. 

That’s why Smiota offers temperature-controlled smart lockers. You can install these in or outside of offices, apartments, and college campuses, as well as at businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.  

Customization options

Select colors and custom wraps to match your company’s branding.